1P50: Cooperative Historical Research

Myth, Memory, Heritage, History


Key questions for the discussion today are:

What is the relationship between the terms in the lesson title? Why do the differences matter?

What is history?

Historians usually make a distinction between history and the past. If history isn't the past, then what is it exactly? I've provided an answer before in class ("inquiry into sources from and about the past"). My answer is very similar to the one provided in the video in the link below.

Optional: Watch the video (first 2 of 10 segments). It's from an American point of view, so it might be helpful to know that AP History refers to the high school course that prepares students for the Advanced Placed Test in History, a pre-university exam that many US students take.
Question for you do discuss:  

History / heritage

History and heritage both involve attitudes to the past. Questions to discuss: Read the following article before discussing:
Tom Morton, "History and Heritage: What's the Difference?" Canadian Issues/Thèmes canadiens (Fall 2014), 12-17.

History and heritage in St. Catharines, Niagara, and beyond

Monique Beech, "Decaying Statue Stirs Debate," St. Catharines Standard, Nov. 16, 2009​

Questions for discussion:

History / memory

Questions for discussion:Before discussing, read the first 3 paragraphs of the "Introduction" to Jonathan F. Vance, Death So Noble: Memory, Meaning, and the First World War (Vancouver: UBC Press, 1997).

A portion of the back cover of one edition of Philip Child, God's Sparrows (1937) looks like this:


There are no meetings in the Special Collections this coming Friday (tomorrow) and Monday. However, everyone can use the time on Friday to work on the primary source analysis assignment. We meet again next Thursday in PL 309 at 1 pm.


Supplemental reading / listening

I may assign some more materials about history / memory / heritage for future discussions. Among the possible sources are the following. For now they are recommended but not required listening / reading.

"The Monuments," Museum Chat Live! A podcast series from the St. Catharines Museum, episode 202, Oct. 4, 2017.

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