1P50: Cooperative Historical Research

Course overview


You'll get an updated course syllabus in the first meeting (Thursday, Sept. 5 at 1 pm in PLZ 309). The information below and in the other pages of this website supplements the syllabus.

The goal for our collaborative research project this term is to build exhibits about life in St. Catharines during the era of the First World War, using primary sources. The main image for this website is from a postcard in the Bert and Mary Hill Postcard Collection. These postcards are the main primary sources we will use to build our exhibits, but we'll also supplement these sources with many others. Examples of these other primary sources are newspaper articles from The St. Catharines Standard, or artifacts from the collections of the Brock University's Special Collections and Archives, or from the collections of the St. Catharines Museum.

Upcoming events (schedule is in development and subject to change)

Thursday, Sept. 5

Tuesday, Sept. 10
David Sharron's introduction to archives, and a tour of the holdings of the special collections and archives

Thursday, Sept. 12
Discussion with Liz Hay about studies at Brock U, and a discussion of Sam Wineburg's "Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts"

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Thursday, Sept. 19

Discussion about historical / personal memories related to food, and a discussion of a poor example of a summary of Wineburg's "Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts"

Tuesday, Sept. 24

9:00-10:50: Discussion of strong versus poor summaries, and an experiment with Turnitin.com in Sakai

Thursday, Sept. 26
1:00-2:50 in PLZ 309: Discussion with Candice Edwards and Julia Zhu from the Coop Office about the Coop Program.

Tuesday, Oct. 1

9:00-10:50: Meet in the Special Collections Reading Room to learn about the use of microfilm sources from The St. Catharines Standard

Thursday, Oct. 3

Tuesday, Oct. 8

9:00-9:45: meet in the Special Collections Reading Room
10:00-10:50: gather in the Sankey Chamber for a Lego Serious Play Workshop facilitated by Marisa Brown
of the Coop Office

Thursday, Oct. 10

The week of Oct. 14-18 is Reading Week. There are no classes this week.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

Thursday, Oct. 24

Tuesday, Oct. 29

Thursday, Oct. 31

Tuesday, Nov. 5



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