COVID-19 At-Home Testing

At this moment in the pandemic, it's clear that vaccines are the most effective method to crush COVID-19. Experts point out that testing for COVID-19 is an essential method.

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 Experts say that, as coronavirus variations such as delta continue to circulate and people are able to return to school and workplaces, it's important to monitor the situation to ensure that people who are infected do not spread the virus to others.


 Additionally, tests are required to assess the severity of disease in a community as well as identify areas of concern.


 The good news is there are now more coronavirus testing alternatives than ever before. This includes numerous over-the-counter tests that can be performed entirely at home and provide quick results.


 Although home kits are difficult to locate in many areas in the United States, that may soon change.

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 On October 4, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved another over-the-counter testing option called Flowflex from Acon Laboratories. The FDA states that the kit will double the home testing capabilities in the next few weeks. It's already accessible in Europe.


 On October 6, the Biden administration announced plans to invest a billion dollars on tests at home in order to boost production. The funds will double the home kit's availability in 2021.

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 "People who attend gatherings or socialize in areas where COVID-19 has spread will feel more secure if they test at home," says Gigi Kuk Gronvall (PhD) and is an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Baltimore. She manages the Johns Hopkins Center’s COVID-19 Testing Toolkit.