The effects of menopausal symptoms and fitness

Dianne Butters (53), from Rumson in New Jersey runs a Pure Barre exercise studio (total body bar exercise) that focuses on intense low-impact, low-impact moves.

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 Karen Giblin from Red Hot Mamas was asked to address her class about menopause. Giblin believed that her students could benefit from the information. After hearing Giblin's presentation and observing her own behavior, she realized that she was in the middle of it and hadn't paid enough attention. "I am extremely athletic as well as a careful eater. I live a very healthy lifestyle and am actively education on health concerns. Karen's talk was the catalyst for me to recognize that my hot flashes needed to be addressed with my doctor.

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 The message Butters wants every woman to learn is that yes, it's important to maintain your health and get as much knowledge as you can However, more important than that, every woman's menopausal experience is unique to her. "I do not like taking medicines, so I'm following more natural methods. This may not be the ideal choice for all people. Every person is different. There's no universal size So, be aware of your body and your mind. It is worth exploring all options to determine what works for you. Some doctors either prescribe medication or simply chalk it up to normal menopausal symptoms. Supplements and diet are options. Exercise is another advantage that I cannot stress enough. Women tend to increase their weight after menopausal stages especially near the midline. It is important to continue active. Find an activity you love, a team that will keep you engaged and motivated, whatever it is. She will encourage you to "do it!"

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 Clinical Trials

 It is possible to search for symptoms such as hot flushes or menopausal symptoms on the U.S. government’s Clinical Trials site.