University of Okayama

He received an offer from the University of Okayama to study in Japan and we made the move there in 2011. It was then that my son was allowed to start kindergarten in Japan.


 I was able to return to full-time work.


 At that point I felt an need to get back into the world of art. I've always felt the desire to curate, work with artists in a creative way, and to find new ways to do things.


 Studio visits by new talents That's my favorite thing to do. It's my favorite.


 Additionally, I had to make money. I also had experience in international business. So my goal was to use my connections and draw on my previous experiences.


 Experience in building an efficient business model that I have the ability to run my business from Japan or any other location. Retrospectively, with the spread of pandemics


 The new standard of working from home and WFH, this has actually served me very well.