video statements

 How a database helps to promote and support different narratives


 "We're moving to be more inviting to more people. Jordan says, "We're doing a lot regarding racial equity," Jordan states. "We're altering the way we request our."


 We are reaching out to communities and artists. We are now accepting video declarations of interests for new projects.


 These video statements as well as other records of provenance that are not conventional can not only be uploaded and stored within Artwork Archive, but also distributed serveplumbing serve plumbing Website serve plumbing com homeinspire home inspire Website home inspire us advisorhome advisor home Website advisor home us experthome expert home Website expert home us benefitshome benefits home Website benefits home us

 publicly. Public Profiles can include audio and video link. This allows you to share the stories of artists from all walks of life.


 Culture works with a state-wide group to create an "Fair Trades" training program and resource guide. Their mission is to help identify and improve the quality of life for workers.