works were purchased

 This is an excellent time to diversify portfolio and purchase art, as we see right now.


 A portfolio that has artworks in it is 10-20% higher risk than one without. We saw this in 2008 with the S+P 500. fansonlysports fans only sports Website fans only sports co uk discusssports discuss sports Website discuss sports co uk manysports many sports Website many sports co uk sportsyoulike sports you like Website sports you like co uk aspectofsport aspect of sport Website aspect of sport co uk

 The Moses Mei art index fell 4.5 percent, and it collapsed by 37%.


 The works were purchased by the fund with the intention of later selling them. The sale was delayed for between three and five years. The market had significantly improved by this time.


 The fund was liquid and was able to find buyers for the works and sell them at the perfect timing. They made use of their vast network as well as leveraging geographically.


 arbitrage with currencies to its advantage. The 2008 launch of Artemundi Global was a success. Investors received an increase of 19.