Perhaps you are thinking about

Perhaps you are thinking about what makes having less money such a good thing. It's simple. You are able to be more creative and more creative than those with the funds. It's because you have to make sure every dollar goes to your company. This means you shouldn't try 10 different approaches to tackle a particular issue instead, you should focus on the one you choose and ensure that it will work well because you only get only one chance to do this.
Even though this doesn’t mean that big corporations won’t come up with creative solutions, it is a sign that they are more willing to accept a solution because it's possible to fix it whenever they wish. However, you have to be able to solve it immediately. It is often those limitations that create the best solutions.
5. You are able to take on more risk
This is a tricky one as large companies like I mentioned earlier are financially more safe and less inclined to gamble. Their losses aren't as big, right? Well, not quite. They aren't as rich as they used to and therefore they aren't able to make any risky decisions that could endanger shareholders.
You, as the owner of the business, are often the only person directly affected and impacted by the decision you make, not even the most important. It may seem harsh however it's the reality that is better than being responsible for your own destiny. 
6. You can focus on your goal more than making a profit at any cost
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Large corporations have lost the ability to provide their customers with the same level of service they once did. Instead of focusing on making a profit the majority of them focus on making money for shareholders. This is how big companies, particularly those that are publicly traded, work. There's nothing wrong with it. It creates a great advantage for the small business owner with an objective.
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Now you can focus on making your clients happy, even if it means generating less income in the short-term. Large corporations can't take this approach even though it could pay off in the end. They need to continue bringing profits, while you consider the long term. However, it is impossible to put your current successes at risk to reap the benefits in the future.