Teams can work closely together

Similar to the example above, but this time, I'm talking about communications within the organization. Employees can build stronger bonds with each other by working in close collaboration and knowing one another on a deeper level.
When instead of writing lengthy emails to inform your colleague know about a project you are working on, and then waiting for a few hours for their response instead, go around and directly ask them since they're right close to you. The flow of information will be significantly enhanced. 
4. You are working with the constraints of a budget
It may seem odd to think that having a small amount of money can be a positive thing. The answer is simple. You can, and have to, get more creative when it comes to spending your money than the competition. Since you want to make sure every dollar gets spent in a way that will benefit your company. It's not possible to think of 10 possible solutions to a problem. You can only have one chance.
This doesn't necessarily mean that big corporations cannot think of new ways to use huge amounts of money, however, it does mean that they're more likely to settle to a plan that is effective since they are able to change it at any time. The other thing is that you need to take action quickly. The most effective solutions usually come from people who have a limited budget.
5. You can take on greater risk
This is a tricky one, because large corporations, as I already mentioned are financially more safe and less inclined to gamble. After all they won't lose as large, aren't they? Well, not quite. They're richer however, they also have many more customers to please. This means that they don't be able to invest in risky ventures which could cause harm to shareholders.
As the proprietor of the business, are often the only one directly affected and impacted by any decisions you make, even the most important. It might sound harsh however it's the fact that's better than being responsible for your own destiny. 
6. It is better to focus on your goal rather than making a profit at any expense.
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Big corporations are no longer able to serve their customers as they used to. Instead of focusing on making a profit, most concentrate on making profits to shareholders. This is the way large companies, especially those that are publically traded, work. There is nothing wrong with it. For small-sized business owners this is an enormous benefit.
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Focus on making clients happy Even if it could result in less revenue in the short-term. This approach won't pay off long-term, and big corporations don't endorse it. They must continue to bring you profits while you can consider the long term. But, it's impossible to put your current successes at risk to reap the rewards in the future.