Toys and hobbies and DIY

The rising unemployment rate, isolation, and the need for home education has all led people to look for activities or games to pass the time. It is predicted that there'll be over $590.70 trillion in online spending in the sector by 2021. The sales net of Michaels, North American arts and crafts giant, grew 11.1% during the second quarter of 2020. Ecommerce sales increased by 353 percent. British Hobbycraft is a British-based company, has reported a 200% increase in sales online following the pandemic. Even as lockdown conditions are eased, and more people learn the value of diversifying their skills and interests, these trends are unlikely to wane.
3. Electronics and media
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This sector will produce $542.2 billion in annual sales. In the first quarter, spending on entertainment at home witnessed a 10% rise in May. Subscription streaming saw the highest gains. This growth does NOT include premium videos on demand. Variety describes this as an "economic and logistical necessity" after the closing of cinemas.

4. Food and personal attention
These up-close-and-personal sales are expected to reach $468.5 billion this year. Its products are often staple items that must be replaced regularly. Even before the pandemic consumers showed desire for high-quality beauty products. CNBC conducted an analysis in 2017 CNBC study of Amazon product growth and found that luxury beauty items grew at 47% annually.
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They are also more likely to cook when they are spending more time at the home. The same study by CNBC placed groceries (38%) and pantry (33% respectively) as the most successful areas. A March 2021 consumer poll found that 43% reported that they'd cook more at home and 42% reported spending more on groceries after the pandemic. Consumables remain a viable option for lucrative sales, no matter if it's food and personal care.