Fashion Menu How to Style Overalls

While we've likely ditched many of the essentials from our childhood wardrobes, overalls remain a classic that we can continue to wear time and time. They're comfortable and practical fashion pieces are an essential piece of clothing. Let's bring back the 90s into our wardrobe. The art of layering can be a challenge, whether you're wearing denim overalls that have a classic style or something more casual, like a shortall or a sleeveless shirt.

 Here on Fashion Menu, we've put together four sets featuring overalls that work from summer to the colder seasons. Bookmark your favourites!

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 These easy-going outfits are perfect for those days when you don't need to spend a lot of time making plans. Add a white tee to the black pants. It's that simple! This may seem very basic however, pairing white overalls with a tee can make you look great any time during the day. A stylish net bag could be utilized to carry your necessities in a stylish way. Tie your hair with an braid that is ribbed. If you want to look more professional, tie your overalls to better draw attention to your waistline and complete your look with a stylish pair of square-toe mules.

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 Keep this outfit handy for Coachella this summer, or for any other live events. Dress in your most stylish denim shorts, an absolute "hot girl" summer must-have, with a red peasant top. Leave one strap loose for a carefree look. A cool cowboy hat with matching boots is a great option to incorporate trendy elements. The style doesn't end there – add some boho flair to your look by adding a denim pack and a paisley print bandana to your wrist.