give them similar

Select one or two fonts that are plain against a white background.

 Be sure to have an easy navigation system which is the same on every page.

 Use images or audio only if they are enhancing your message.

 Be sure you include an opt-in offer to collect email addresses.

 Easy purchase -- only two clicks to bring potential customers to pay

 Your site is the online shopfront for your business. Make sure you are accommodating to customers.

 Step 4. Utilize search engines to bring targeted buyers to your site.

 Pay-per-click marketing is the most effective way to drive traffic to your brand-new website. There are two advantages of this approach over waiting for organic traffic. PPC ads appear on search pages instantly. Additionally, PPC advertisements allow you to experiment with various keywords, as well as headlines and price. PPC ads let you quickly gain visitors. Additionally, you can make use of them to determine the most profitable keywords. This will allow you to distribute keywords throughout the site via your code and copy. This can boost your organic search rankings.

 Step 5: Establish an expert image for yourself.

 Information is a standard search engine. You'll get more traffic to your website and better ranking on search engines if you provide this information for free. You must always include a link to your website with every item of information.

 Free, expert content. Make videos, articles or any other information that users would find useful. The content can be distributed via online article directories and social media websites.

 Your site should have hyperlinks that let you "send an email to a friend".

 You can become an expert in your field and on social networking sites where your target markets are.

 You'll be able to reach new viewers. Plus, every site posting your content will link back. Search engines are awestruck by hyperlinks to relevant websites and reward them with the ranking.

 Step 6: Make use of the power of marketing via email to convert visitors into buyers.

 If you make an opt in list, it is one of your most valuable online assets. Your customers and subscribers have given permission for your company to contact them via email. This means:

 You are giving your child something that they want.

 You're building lifelong friendships with them.

 The result is 100% quantifiable.

 Because it is highly specific, email marketing is more efficient and cost-effective than TV, radio or printing.

 A hot lead is anyone who visits your website and opts into your mailing list. And there's no better tool than email to follow up with leads.

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 Step 7: Increase your income by upselling and back-end sales.

 The most important strategy for online marketing is to increase every customer’s lifetime value. A minimum of 36 percent of customers who have previously purchased from you will likely to purchase again from you when they're continued by. It is often the most challenging, and most costly, part of closing the first sale. To get them to purchase another time, you can make use of the back-end or upselling.

 Offer complementary products to the original purchase.

 Send out electronic loyalty coupon codes which they can to redeem at their next appointment.

 After your customer purchases, give them similar products to use in your "Thank You" page.

 Reward customers for loyalty, and they will become more loyal.

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 The pace of change on the internet is so fast that a year of online activity is equivalent to about five years in reality. But the basic principles of starting and growing an online business haven't changed. If you're just starting a small business online, follow this pattern. Take a moment to review your steps, and see if any are not being followed. The basics are your best bet.