requirement for you to do business with Canada

Make use of global platforms

 In the ecommerce business selling items? Amazon's FBA is an option. If you are selling services, Use Upwork instead! Are you in the business of renting holiday homes? How about making use of AirBnB as well as InvitedHome, HomeAway as platforms that are global? Use a platform that is already saturated to help grow your business.

 Licensing deals

 Licensing deals are a great way to grow your business without too much added effort. It's an excellent method to rapidly expand your business when you own a product you can license to others and share revenue from. The goal of market saturation is achieved faster by licensing a popular or well-respected product to a company.

 Think about a franchise model.

 Franchises are a great option for those who have an established business that is profitable and wants to grow quickly. While franchising is expensive and requires a lot of knowledge in marketing, it could make a big impact if you're looking to quickly grow.

 Diversify your offer range.

 Consider diversifying your offerings. What information, products or services can you offer that complement your business's existing offerings? To grow, you need to consider expanding. Look for new opportunities in your field. Discover the issues. What can you offer clients that is not already covered? What else could you do to make money from the exchange

 Create passive income streams

 It takes a lot of effort to grow a business. You might consider creating passive income streams when you have very tight margins. There's no need to fret about keeping the lights on. The passive income will let you make mistakes but not have to lose your job. It will keep your business going and give you a basis to grow and expand quickly, by providing ample resources.

 Buy other businesses.

 Sometimes, buying other businesses is a quick way to grow your company. If you are able to find other businesses that are in the same field or competitors, these could be used as platforms to scale quickly. Look within your industry, and also outside it, to discover potential opportunities.

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 International expansion

 Are you able to expand internationally? Are you able to take your current offerings and expand them internationally? What is the minimum requirement for you to do business with Canada, Mexico and Europe? If you've got a conversion offer, expanding internationally could be a quick method to expand. You'll incur some costs. Sure. But there is an enormous opportunity to earn money.

 Create a webinar.

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 Webinars make it easy to market any product. It can also help you grow any business relatively fast. Webinars are a powerful selling tool that lets you bring any service, product or idea to market quickly. A webinar is a powerful medium for capturing audiences and clinching sales after sales.